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We continue to hear the political pundits rant about the need for today’s congressional investigating committees and special prosecutor Robert Mueller to subpoena former president Barack Obama if we – the USA’s voters — want to get to the bottom of the “Russian concussion.”

(Most of us don’t care one way or another about the outcome of this Democrat-fueled sideshow. It has been determined that the Russians, or their hacking proxies, had no influence on the outcome of last November’s presidential election.)

Nevertheless, the question remains: Are the inquisitors aiming too high?

Why not first go after Valerie Jarrett, 60, who served as Obama’s senior adviser and assistant for public engagement and intergovernmental affairs? Jarrett would be the likely insider who knows all the details.

Of course, being a lawyer (University of Michigan law school), Jarrett would pull every toy out of her legal bag of tricks to not comply with any subpoena.

But wouldn’t it be fun to watch her act unfold in one of the side rings of what we have come to know as Washington’s three-ring circus?