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Before you join the screaming throngs of leftist liberals calling for more gun controls aimed at assault weapons, take time to get all the facts about Wednesday’s tragedy in Alexandria, Va.

At least two national media reported that “an SKS 7.62 assault-style rifle” was the primary weapon used in Wednesday’s attack. A lone shooter identified as James T. Hodgkinson put several U.S. senators in the crosshairs as they gathered for baseball practice.

But the SKS is NOT an assault rifle, as reported by ABC News and the Chicago Tribune. An estimated 2.7 million of the carbines were manufactured in the former Soviet Union (Russia) during the 1950s. They were mothballed when the AK-47 was developed. As most everyone knows, the AK-47 then morphed into the assault weapon of choice around the planet.

An assault rifle is capable of firing in fully-automatic mode or in a burst of fire, which is a rapid succession of a few rounds.

The SKS is a semi-automatic rifle. It is not capable of burst-firing, nor does it feature a fully automatic selector switch. The SKS — as with many standard rifles — can fire only one round per trigger pull, as opposed to firing continuously when the trigger is engaged. That’s what takes the weapon out of the realm of assault rifles.

Wednesday’s shooter — James T. Hodgkinson, 66, of west-central Illinois — was himself gunned down by security police, but not before he nearly killed House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who was critically wounded. Three others were wounded as well in the mass-assassination attempt, but none of their injuries was life-threatening.

As for the reports that Hodgkinson’s weapon was an “assault-style rifle,” today’s media reporters as well as the amateurs flooding the social-media pool need to get it right the first time. Otherwise, their overblown and disgusting inaccuracy does nothing but fan the flames of bias and vitriol that are tearing this nation apart.