Fired FBI director James Comey is scheduled to testify today before the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee regarding alleged links last year between the campaign of Republican President-elect Donald Trump and suspected Russian operatives seeking to influence last November’s national election.

Comey’s seven-page opening statement is already on the public platter. And it’s about as bland as oatmeal. Moreover, his follow-up testimony is expected to contain enough meat to create a big, fat nothing-burger.

But pot-stirring Democrats with Trump impeachment proceedings on their minds are expected to squirt kerosene on the fire as they seek to grill Comey about the mythical Russia-gate, about the campaign-era activities of Michael Flynn (Trump’s former national security adviser) and about whatever other ill-advised “issues” they can bring to the fore.

Of course, Comey’s testimony is set to happen in two parts – a public hearing in the morning, followed by a second hearing behind closed doors in the afternoon. But given the record for leaked information in Washington these days, it won’t take long for the public to learn what was said in the closed session. Hopefully, Comey’s closed-door statements won’t matter and won’t deviate from what will be learned in the morning Q&A.

It’s time to put all this political hooliganism to rest. U.S. voters want their elected (and so far overly paid) representatives on Capitol Hill to focus on issues that can make a difference to the general populace – such as tax relief, better highways and bridges, more and better-paying jobs, and reducing the federal budget deficit.

How about it, you swamp rats? Or will you be making a concerted effort to ignore the interests of us “deplorables”? The challenge goes double for the national news media.