More and more Republicans in the U.S. House are being threatened physically by angry constituents in their respective districts, according to a report in The Hill. U.S. representatives such as Arizona’s Martha McSally, Tennessee’s David Kustoff and Virginia’s Tom Garrett have had occasion to fear for their safety.

Scores of GOP lawmakers have been subjected to videos going viral this year, showing constituents shouting their disagreement on support for President Donald Trump and policies such as the GOP’s health-care bill. Some of the rabble rousers even went so far as to boo God during one town-hall meeting.

Meanwhile, NBC-Washington TV-4 reports that Paul Irving, sergeant at arms for the U.S. House, has asked for at least $2 million to beef up security at representatives’ offices in their home districts. The upgrades would include so-called panic buttons and video surveillance equipment. Unfortunately, even that kind of spending might not prevent a repeat of the shooting in Arizona in 2011 that forced Democratic U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords out of her seat in the House.

On Saturday, Democratic activists rallied in Sacramento, Calif., to declare the Golden State to be the epicenter of liberal resistance to President Trump, according to the online Gateway Pundit. At one point, things got out of hand and infused the fingers – the middle fingers, to be exact, of outgoing California Democratic party chairman John Burton. Addressing the frenzied crowd, Burton jammed the air above his head with the double bird and reportedly hollered, “(Expletive deleted) Donald Trump!”

Seriously? First Amendment rights aside, is this the way we conduct ourselves here in the USA as the rest of the world watches?

We apparently are witnessing the beginning of the end of political civility. The last time that happened and was carried to its furthest extreme, this nation descended into civil war. Hopefully such a violent and bloody conclusion will not befall us again in these enlightened times, will it?

As someone said recently: Donald Trump’s election did not cause liberals to hate. It revealed their hate.

In the long run, the haters will be despised and ignored — or, worst case, wind up behind bars. Apparently to them, such outcomes are worth it. (Sigh.)