Fringe-stream interests, fake news and political backbiting once again have run off a well-qualified candidate chosen to serve in President Donald Trump’s cabinet.

On Friday, Tennessee state senator and former U.S. Army doctor Mark Green withdrew as President Trump’s choice to be secretary of the U.S. Army. Green cited false and misleading personal attacks, mischaracterization of his years in public service and acrimony over his Christian beliefs — to the point that he did not want to distract from the president’s aggressive agenda to make America great again.

Green was eminently qualified for the post. A retired Army flight surgeon, he is a graduate of the Military Academy at West Point. Green also has roots in Christianity, being a self-described “creationist” who is at odds with the secular theory of evolution. 

According to CNN, Green faced rising opposition from LGBT activists and Democrats over past comments about transgender individuals. In 2013, Green blasted President Barack Obama for supporting what he said were “‘transvestites in uniform.” Three years later, Green reportedly told a Tea Party group: “If you poll the psychiatrists, they’re going to tell you that transgender is a disease.” 

The era of political correctness should be over by now, especially when it involves naysayers representing social abomination. Before we can make anything right, we’ve got to deal with and reverse what’s wrong. Wouldn’t we rather have an individual who speaks honestly and with candor in a position of authority, rather than a “yes” man who cloaks his words in political correctness and opportunism?