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Before we worry ourselves into a costly war with a pissant totalitarian nation such as North Korea, our media representatives need to be asking some hard questions and reporting some well-informed answers.

For example, the PRNC celebrated its founder’s day on Saturday with a massive parade of military might in the North Korean capital, Pyongyang. Newspapers and Web sites around the world posted photo after photo of the parade, which prominently featured a herd of rolling launchers bearing what were described as ballistic missiles, such as the one pictured below by The Washington Post.


Were these truly launch-capable agents of destruction out in the open, exposed to compromise? Or were they simply well-fabricated model missiles made of painted wood and plastic? Did anybody bother to check? Did anybody bother to ask? Does anybody honestly know the size and makeup of North Korea’s arsenal?

Without we — the U.S. public — having a true-picture threat assessment of North Korea’s purported military might, how can we allow ourselves to get all stirred up over international rhetoric and juvenile-minded tweets?

We need some realistic reporting delivered in small, digestible bites. Is there a bona fide threat? Or is this just more saber-rattling by a so-called nation too poor to properly feed and provide medical care for its over-taxed and overwhelmed citizens?