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U.S. House Republican leaders scotched a planned vote today on repealing and replacing what has come to be known as ObamaCare after a head count by Speaker Paul Ryan showed the bill would go down in flames if it had been brought to a vote on the House floor.

The left-leaning media as well as some within the Republican party were quick to pounce, calling the scotched vote a setback for President Donald Trump.

However, don’t be too quick to bemoan the abrupt sidetracking of the Republican do-over on yet another Democrat-spawned giveaway program aimed at rescuing the uninsured. In the long run, Friday’s decision to leave the dance could be a blessing in disguise for the nation’s health-care system as well as for the vibrancy of the nation itself.

The GOP balk on Friday means the Obama-engineered Affordable Care Act remains in place – for the time being. But the increasingly unaffordable ACA already is being crushed under its own weight. It’s only a matter of time before it suffocates and decomposes into a dead issue.

That is as it should be. And Congress should not revisit the issue. Consider this no-frills statement: Health care is not – repeat, not – a right in these United States. Access to good health care is a right. But Congress rightfully cannot mandate health care itself (or low premiums, or penalties for non-compliance with an overbearing law) any more than it can legislate morality.

In short, ObamaCare is a socialist (at best) program being pushed by left-leaning liberals, bleeding hearts and RINOs who expect it to survive and flourish in a free-market republic. It just will not work. Not unless every taxpayer in the USA starts paying monumental premiums that many already cannot afford. 

Sure, everybody should have access to quality health care. But it is not the responsibility of the many to knuckle under to tyranny and pay for the wants of the few. That’s where organized charity comes in. That’s where Emergency Rooms come in, with hospital patients paying a little extra to help cover the costs of treating those who go to the ER because they are too poor to afford health insurance.

Moreover, too many people fail to understand the insurance paradigm. (Just watch any Liberty Mutual commercial on TV, and you’ll get a firsthand look at the outlandish expectations of some policyholders represented by bad actors.) Any kind of insurance is a money pool. You pay in, hoping you’ll never have to collect because of a catastrophic event but knowing that if you do, you are covered.

Then you go about your business as a productive and law-abiding citizen, striving to live the best way you can without succumbing to society’s vices and pitfalls or suffering any of Mother Nature’s ravages. Except for life insurance, you know up front that you’re not buying a policy with the goal of collecting it all back some day. You’re buying insurance so that as a citizen and a taxpayer, you will have peace of mind.

Our nanny state is big and broad enough. Let ObamaCare fall on its sword. And then, let’s allow federally mandated health insurance to perish in a well-earned death.