We live in a sometimes bizarre world, don’t we? Following are some headlines on news reports posted online recently by various news outlets in one single day, followed by a little brash commentary. Remember: This land is YOUR land.

Man brutally beaten on Manhattan sidewalk as people walk by
(What? Was he invisible? Or did this take place in a blind alley? Have New Yorkers grown that stand-offish and insensitive to their surroundings?)

Man caught with 10 pounds of cocaine wrapped around his legs
(But it didn’t help one bit to ease his aching thighs and calves.)

Health officials concerned as mumps outbreaks reported across USA
(It’s a mystery as to why; perhaps it’s time for a new vaccine.)

20 million worldwide at risk of starvation, U.N. says
(A ludicrous situation in this era of space-age technology.)

Baltimore boy, 4, accidentally shot by 6-year-old brother, police say
(The head of household should face death by lethal injection.)

Trump’s taxes to be subpoenaed?
(Yeah, well, except that this would be illegal.)

Drama in White House pressroom: Reporters clash
(Guess that beats the daily melodrama in the White House pressroom.)

Lawmakers want to take away Trump’s war powers
(Been there. Done that. Already tackled in 1973. It’s called the War Powers Act. Hello!?! And it doesn’t need to be revisited.)

FBI extensively used Best Buy “geek squad” for secret surveillance
(So, you spooks, was that the “best” way to go about it? Guess not.)

The backlash against Bill Gates’ call for a robot tax
(Well, if there’s no human worker to tax, what’s a greedy government gonna do? Go Bill!)

China building space-based laser
(Prepare to be zapped.)

100 California companies interested in building Trump wall
(So who says there’s no excitement surrounding the project?)

Foreigners who overstay visas outnumber those who cross border illegally
(Sounds like we’ve got a double problem here.)

Growing number of refugees fleeing U.S. to Canada
(No, Rosie’s not among them. And Canada already has said they don’t want ‘em. So we’ve got a triple problem.)

What animals do when they don’t know we’re watching
(Are you kidding? They do it even when we are watching.)

Humans no longer required in self-driving cars
(The lawyers must be salivating over future possibilities.)

Massive number of Twitter accounts are not human
(So, chances are you’re communicating with a self-driving car.)

LAPD launches task force amid rash of celebrity break-ins
(What’s the task force gonna do? Take the celebrities to lunch?)

O.J. Simpson could be freed and on reality TV
(Wouldn’t we all be better off if they just filmed him in reality prison.)

Roman Polanski back to L.A.?
(Southern California once again to be a rompin’, stompin’ Wild West crime scene.)

Inside nude Facebook groups
(Porn puppets and voyeurs alike would rather see what’s on the outside.)

South Korea: Life without a leader
(Did they devilishly mean NORTH Korea?)

Historic ruling grants custody to dad and mom – and mom
(This says a lot about today’s social and moral norms.)

Oil prices sink below $50 a barrel for first time this year
(Where they should have stabilized in the first place.)

Meet the 18 profitable companies that paid no taxes over eight years
(And then stop purchasing what they offer.)

And the winner-take-all headline of the day:

California State Bar bans sex between attorneys and clients