Barack Obama will run again for the White House in 2020, despite the language of the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. How will he achieve this? By putting wife Michelle in the driver’s seat and securing the Democratic nomination to put her on the ballot – just as George Wallace did when his wife, Lurleen, was elected governor of Alabama.

Can you imagine the euphoric hysteria of the political left as they field a candidate who could become the first woman, and the first minority woman at that, to occupy the White House?

That’s only an uncanny crystal-ball prediction. But why else would Obama be funding and tweeting encouragement to dissidents and protesters across the nation barely a month after exiting the Oval Office.

The New York Post recently reported that Obama’s army of agitators numbers more than 30,000, and the ranks are growing as he “bankrolls a non-stop protest against invented outrage.” Perhaps it’s “fake news.”

Nevertheless, the Post article stated that the former president – often described as an empty suit – is working behind the scenes between golf games to preside over a shadow government bent on sabotaging the administration of President Donald J. Trump. With the unconfirmed backing of leftist investor and multi-billionaire George Soros, and with so many fictions spread by social media every day, how can Obama fail?

Obama’s alleged network of more than 250 liberal nonprofit groups led by one called Organizing for Action already have started turning out in disruptive numbers in urban areas and on college campuses to shout down conservative Republicans, preaching the Obama gospel on ObamaCare, immigration, race relations and so-called climate change.

If all this is true, the former campaigner-in-chief has succeeded in breaking the mold of what former presidents are expected to do. The USA’s great Silent Majority should respond in kind and shut down this straw man who once upon a time could have done this nation a world of good, but squandered it instead on a narcissistic agenda of make-believe progress.