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Talk about your empty promises.

The people listed below swore they would leave the United States to reside elsewhere if Donald J. Trump were elected president last November.

Well, he was. And to the best of my knowledge, they didn’t — even though they’ve had three months to make their moves.

So, either they were not sincere in their promises. Or they were just flapping their gums for effect. Or they were so washed up, they craved the attention that an exit statement would bring them. Or Canada — their destination of choice — has erected a legal wall over which they cannot climb because the Canadians don’t want any U.S. political liberals, especially leftist celebrities, to darken any doorsteps north of us. (Maybe the malcontents ought to try moving the other way — to Mexico. After all, we rightfully owe Mexico a few transplants, don’t we?)

Here’s the list: 

“Scream” actress Neve Campbell
Nerve-wracking singer Miley Cyrus
Potty-mouthed, self-appointed comedian Chelsea Handler
Cher (Sonny’ widow)
Actor Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”)
Media executive Barry Diller
Actress/director Lena Dunham (“Girls”)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, U.S. Supreme Court justice and diminutive leftist fossil
Whoopi Goldberg, overblown talk-show celebrity and onetime actress
Actor and “comedian” Eddie Griffin (“Malcolm & Eddie)
Omari Hardwick, TV and big-screen actor — ever heard of him?
Katie Hopkins, British TV personality and newspaper columnist
Samuel L. Jackson, multi-millionaire actor/director/”What’s in your wallet?” pitch man
Keegan-Michael Key, comedian/actor (“Key & Peele”)
Millionaire actress Jennifer Lawrence (“Hunger Games”)
Spike Lee (producer/director who said he was moving back to “the republic of New York”)
George Lopez, washed-up comedian, talk-show host
Actress Natasha Lyonne (“Orange is the New Black”)
Bill Maher, boorish comic and extremely liberal politico
Ne-Yo, self-proclaimed songwriter and singer
Rosie O’Donnell, ample TV/movie celebrity, venomous comedian and LGBT ally
Amber Rose, fat-bottomed model, fashion designer
Chloe Sevigny, couch-surfing actress, washed-up model
Al Sharpton, slick-haired political activist and rabble-rouser extraordinaire who can disappear from a riot in a snap
John Stewart, sometimes funny but way-off-center comedian, TV host
Amy Schumer, self-billed comedian, big-time potty mouth, full-time fat-ass
Shakira, Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer who ought to just go home
Barbra Streisand, multi-multi-millionaire liberal leftist, retired singer, actress
Raven Symone, million-dollar actress, comedian, model, singer, song-writer, rapper, dancer, TV producer, television personality and a legend in her own mind
Ali Wentworth, actress (barely), comedian (barely), author (barely), married to leftist TV “journalist” and Bill Clinton political adviser George Stephanopoulos
Kayne West, rapper, self-proclaimed fashion designer, better known as Mr. Kim Kardashian

If any of these celebrities ever does leave, they would do well to consider taking along Leonardo DiCaprio and Ashton Kutcher, both of whom are pocketing too much money to leave the republic, despite the elected and appointed leaders they love to bash.