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At the end of the day Saturday – Day Eight in the presidential life of Donald J. Trump – the new president reportedly had no meetings scheduled, no executive orders lined up to sign, no telephone calls to make the following day.

Given the flurry of activity emanating from the White House beginning Jan. 21, many observers would dare to say that Trump has earned a day of rest — on a Sunday, no less, like it was back in the day when everybody but the religious clergy took the day off. Trump has done more in those eight days to rebuild this politically divided nation, to jump-start our mediocre economy, and to restore the faith and confidence we once had in ourselves than Barack Obama ever achieved in eight years.

We’re on a roll. Trump gives every indication that he aims to keep it that way.

Colleen West of Worcester, Mass., apparently could see the writing on the wall more than a month ago. She wrote a letter to the editor that was published Dec. 22, 2016, in the Worcester Telegram. You can sense her euphoria between the lines as she anticipates a new and uplifting world order under the direction of a new populist president. Her letter appears under a small headline that states: “Farewells and malicitations to usher out 2016.”

A gifted writer, Ms. West says it best:

“There is no love lost as 2016 exits, but some gratitudes and farewells are in order.

“Goodbye, President Obama, your stagnant economy, executive orders, unaffordable healthcare, ISIS expansion and divisive legacy. Jimmy Carter thanks you — he never looked so good.

“To the mainstream media — sorry for your loss. Your meltdowns on election night were delightful. To the Hollywood elites promising to move to Canada (not Mexico) — how can we miss you if you won’t go away?

“Thank you, liberal academia, for enabling our young to be whiny, spoiled, helpless twits. You should care less about offending someone and more about inspiring them.

“Goodbye, Hillary Clinton (my favorite salutation). Your sister wants her ruby slippers back. Sorry, Bernie, but if your hand is too close to the lion’s cage; you’re going to lose some fingers.

“To dingbat Liz Warren — If only you were a Hillary e-mail, you could go missing forever.

“John Kerry is leaving. Aww, John, why the long face? Thanks, Democrats, for getting rid of daft Nancy Pelosi … oops … nevermind. Good riddance Harry Reid — you left your scaly skin behind on the Senate floor.

“Thanks, Colin Kaepernick, for reminding us how many heroes died for your right to be a jackass. Many thanks to our brave men and women in blue. Relax, someone’s got your back now.

“Cheers to working-class Americans who believe in American exceptionalism, rewarding success and restoring the entrepreneurial spirit. This is what hope looks like, Michelle. Happy 2017!”

Great letter, eh? Thank you, Colleen, for sharing your thoughts and speaking for so many. Isn’t it refreshing to know that deplorables are everywhere? Even in good ol’ liberal stiff-collared blue state Massachusetts.