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Today’s rant is about tomorrow and burying something as old as yesterday’s news.

All the reports and commentary about the Russians hacking the 2016 election to the detriment of the Democratic party — Hillary Clinton in particular — is much ado about nothing. Russia and Vladimir Putin aren’t that stupid. They would not try — even clandestinely — to risk being found responsible for taking a dump in the DNC’s lunchbox.

Now, it IS possible that some private-sector element inside Russia, or some contemptible experts outside of Russia’s borders posing as Russians, could have hacked into the U.S. presidential election. Heck, it might even have been a pro-Bernie nerd within the very ranks of Hillary supporters.

But so what? People vote their convictions — influenced by a lot of things.

Every election spawns whiners about voting fraud and incessant calls for expensive recounts. This year, the mounting reports of election fraud started with the Daily Caller linking demonic bad boy and pro-Democratic billionaire George Soros to voting machines provided to 16 states by the company Smartmatic. Unfortunately for the Silent Majority, that report proved to be bogus.

It’s safe to say that the great Silent Majority as well as all those in the ranks of the “deplorables” have had all they can stand from the Democratic cupcakes who continue to trumpet the wayward conspiracy theories. (No reference is made here to the good Democrats who don’t try to make headlines through negativity.)

Take this to the bank: The 2016 election is over. The results are in. The winner is Donald John Trump. Inauguration Day is on schedule. The end. (Or rather, the beginning.)