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Now that we have learned from the Washington Post that President-elect Donald Trump’s telephone dialogue with Nationalist Chinese President Tsai Ing-wen was long in the planning before it happened last weekend, let’s get something clear.

Trump admitted long before he won the Republican nomination that he was not a politician. Now, it’s time to understand that he will never be your standard, cookie-cutter U.S. bureaucrat.

That’s why he was elected. Trump is a leader. He is surrounding himself with plenty of top people who understand government and politics. But they will fit into his mold, not the other way around.

So, why is Washington all shook up over Donald Trump agreeing to take the phone call from Taiwan’s chief executive?

Because that was Trump’s first gesture at pulling the plug that drains the swamp. The phone call was not only the first shot fired across the bow of mainland China’s ship of state, but it also knocks the air out of the “we’ve always done it this way” mode of operation that keeps Washington’s feet stuck in political muck and bureaucratic quagmire.

The phone call also calls into question the jobs of every swinging meatloaf who’s square-dancing in this archaic, perpetual and phony ritual called diplomacy. D.C. is all shook up because that unprecedented phone call eventually could shrink the massive State Department building at 2201 C Street NW to no more than an efficient, cost-cutting two-seater. (For you city kids looking down upon the so-called “deplorables,” that’s an outhouse.) 

Many of the rank-and-file “workers” who are entrenched in their federal paper-shuffling jobs are living in fear after what they have just witnessed in the person of President-elect Trump — someone who clearly values actions speaking louder than words.

I see a breath of fresh air blowing into Washington, and I hope I’m not wrong about that.

Trump will succeed a ghost who has haunted the White House for eight long years. I believe we soon will come to know, if we haven’t already, that we elected a straw man (Barack Obama) as president — not once, but twice.

Insofar as “legacy,” what will go into the Obama Library is anybody’s guess. I fully expect the centerpiece sculpture in the library’s rotunda to be a comical granite depiction of the Three Stooges. Oh wait! That won’t happen — all three of them were white. Besides, I’m mixing my metaphors; everybody knows Obama did the work of two men — Laurel and Hardy.

So, perhaps the library will contain — page-by-page under glass — all 20,000-plus pages of the Unaffordable Health Care Act and its related regulations. That display will be in the “Whoops!” wing of the library.

Maybe there will be an interactive computer game called “Find the Real Birth Certificate.”

Perhaps there will be an entire wing devoted to an illustrated timeline titled  “How I Set Up Hillary Clinton to Fail Like Enron and Solyndra.”

Surely there will be a film clip on a loop showing B.O. over and over as he descends the long, portable stairway off Air Force One, exhibiting his best “jock juke” — hands cupped, forearms bent forward as he gingerly bounces off every step.

And let’s not forget the permanent salute that should be on display audibly depicting Obama’s use of the words “aaaaaand” and “uuuuuh” in his public pronouncements.

Perhaps there will be head-and-shoulders busts of all the convicts he pardoned, all the terrorists he freed from Guantanamo, and all the liberal leftists upon whom he bestowed the now meaningless Medal of Freedom.

I can see one entire wall in the place covered in rows and rows of 8-by-10 color photos of all the generals and senior officers Obama either fired or prematurely forced out of the U.S. armed forces because politically, they rubbed him the wrong way.

I could go on and on. But why bother — Obama is the lamest of ducks. I’m not waiting for January 20; I’m already trying really hard to forget that he ever existed.

Obama’s only distinction is that he was the first person of color to occupy the Oval Office. Once you have said that, all you have left is a string of bureaucratic failures and a record-high national debt. Barack Obama likely will go down as the greatest snake-oil salesman this nation has ever produced.