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Despite what you’ve been hearing on TV or reading online for the past week, Donald Trump’s election last Tuesday over Hillary Rodham Clinton was NOT an “upset.”

Who died and crowned Hillary queen before Election Day?

The accepted definition of an upset is “an unexpected result or situation.” Certainly the Trump camp didn’t view the Republican nominee’s win as unexpected.

Hillary Clinton was not the presidential incumbent. She was – at best — a contender for the Oval Office, just like Trump. So, how could Trump be credited with an “upset”? He simply gave Hillary a straight-up shellacking.

The only reason the media are throwing around the “upset” jargon lies in the pre-election polls, which showed for months that Hillary was favored over Trump – right up through the eve of the Nov. 8 election.

But THE POLLS WERE WRONG – not to mention the pundits, the analysts and the celebrity commentators. Why? Think of the old axiom regarding computers: Garbage in, garbage out. And that, my friends, is why the “no Trumps” were so surprised. Polls and their results are nothing but fodder for 24/7 TV “news” channels, analysts with nothing better to do, and editorial-page editors to use as springboards into faulty logic.

So, let’s ask again: Who mistakenly crowned Hillary as queen prematurely? Betcha the swamp-watchers and all those deplorables know the answer.