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Has anybody else grown weary of the calls for unity in the wake of Donald Trump winning the national vote to move into the White House in January?

Unity doesn’t make the world go round. Competition does.

Unity leads to despicable states such as yesteryear’s Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Imperial Japan, Facist Italy and today’s axis-of-evil meccas – Iran and North Korea.

If we could wish for anything, it would not be unity. Better that we would wish for tolerance, respect and listening with our ears open and our mouths shut.

Ultra-conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh recently alluded to last Tuesday’s election as being akin to the Allies defeating Imperial Japan to end World War II. A longtime friend of mine on the other side of the aisle pointed out that the two events were about as similar at the sun and the moon.

“We achieved unity,” said my brother from another mother, “by killing the Japanese and then rebuilding their country. Maybe you need to start executing Democrats until you have unity.”

Many Republicans might go along with such a radical idea. But hopefully, it won’t ever come to that.

Let’s not fool ourselves. We will NEVER achieve unity so long as we maintain the USA’s two-party political system. If our political candidates ran for office with no political affiliation, perhaps we as voters would concentrate on the qualifications and the character traits of the individuals in the hunt, not on the party labels. Every state would conduct a presidential primary, setting its own rules for getting onto the ballot. The top three vote-getters in each state would qualify to be on the national primary ballot. The top three vote-getters in the national primary then would stand as the candidates in the national election. Whoever wins the majority or the largest plurality of votes nationally would become president.

The candidates’ differences would be personal, not institutional. Such differences would be settled at the ballot box. Or, if all else failed, a final decision would be rendered in the same way that Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr settled their differences. (Even the prospect of losing an armed duel might persuade both individuals involved to rethink their positions and compromise.)

Moreover, as long as the mass media continue to report events in terms of black votes and white votes, blue-collar votes and white-collar votes, millennials vs. silver-hairs, gays vs. straights, the women’s vote vs. white males, and so on, we will continue to wallow in the mud as a racist, gender-card carrying and divisive society.