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Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats keep pounding on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to produce his income-tax records.

Trump and his campaign coordinators have responded numerous times that The Donald’s tax returns are undergoing a federal audit, and that he will disclose his income tax information when the audit is complete.

Meantime, why doesn’t Trump offer Mrs. Clinton a “this for that” deal? When the appropriate time comes, why doesn’t he offer to go public with his income tax information, if and only if she agrees to disclose what’s in her health records? We’re talking more than a letter from her New York physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack. (Wonder if the good doctor is a Democrat?) 

Of course, that assumes Hillary won’t destroy half of her records before she discloses what’s in them. Given her track record in other matters, how can we trust that she would make full disclosure of her health files?

We also should expect the same kind of full health disclosure from Trump.