Media reports Thursday noted that former president Bill Clinton wound up on the same turf as U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Monday — at the airport in Phoenix, Arizona.

When their paths mysteriously crossed, the former fox in the White House reportedly met with Lynch in private for 30 minutes.

Which makes one wonder: When Monica Lewinsky learned of Monday’s “private” meeting, did she throw a jealous fit?

Lynch later told reporters — with a straight face — that she and William Jefferson chatted about grandchildren, their respective travels and golf. Yeah, right. You talk about those things openly, in public. When you duck behind closed doors, you talk about the unmentionables — such as potential presidential pardons, fact-finding progress on high-profile investigations, how to deflect slings and arrows from the other side of the aisle, stuff like that. Maybe you even show your gratitude in advance for services rendered.

With Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton under investigation by the FBI, don’t take that — what Loretta said that she talked about — to the bank  yet.

It just doesn’t get much better’n this for the script-writers of the nighttime talk shows.