Go ahead and surf the Net to read the headlines for today. You’ll swear the sky is falling, and the end is near. To wit: 

“For the Kermit Sutra? New Mating System Reported for Frogs”

“Senate to Vote on Defense Bill as White House Warns of Veto”

“Obama Considers Sending Illegals to Sen. Jeff Sessions’ Home State of Alabama”

“Dalai Lama Tells Why He Is Hopeful for World’s Future”

“Pope Francis Rejects Agentinian president’s donation containing 666 in eight-figure sum”

“U.S. Retail Sales Rose in May Despite Slower Hiring”

“Revenue Down a Steep 22 Percent in Summer Box-Office Slump”

“Spider-Man, Batman Coming to PlayStation”

“Japan Set to ‘Reanimate’ novelist Soseki Natsume as a Robot 100 Years After His Death”

“London’s Muslim Mayor Bans Public Advertisements Showing Sexy Women”

“Democratic Congressmen: First Amendment Does Not Protect Global-Warming Skeptics”

“Hillary-supporting Website Selling Severed Trump head T-shirts”

“Confidence in Newspapers, TV news telecasts hits bottom”