The Citadel, a well-known and widely respected military college in Charleston, S.C., reportedly is considering a request from a female student that she be allowed to wear a hijab — a scarf that covers the head and chest — so that she complies with her Muslim faith.

The college administrators should deny the request.

To grant the student’s request would be a violation of the school’s uniform dress code that is enforced for a reason — to promote uniformity, discipline and conforming to rules. All those values are essential in fielding a functional army. Citadel cadets are required to wear the prescribed uniform at almost all times on campus or when representing the college.

To grant the request would violate the spirit of the law embodied in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. If Christians are prohibited from raising a cross on a public beach, why should a female Citadel student be allowed to wear a religious symbol in the ranks?

In the school’s 175-year history, administrators have never granted a request to alter or change the student uniform for any reason. Why start now?

Of course, the way this nation fosters political correctness — no matter how absurd — the denial of this request at the CItadel probably will wind up in the U.S. Supreme Court. (Sigh!)