Now comes the so-called battery case filed by news reporter Michelle Fields against Corey Lewandowski, campaign director for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Fields claims Lewandowski forcefully grabbed her as she bumped her way forward and tried to question Trump while he was exiting a news conference at his golf club in Jupiter, Fla.

The “controversy” is eating up way too much air time, especially on FOX-TV. Listening to commentary after commentary on the FOX channel, you’d think there might have been some kind of assassination attempt on Trump.

But what happened in the ruffled-feathers incident resulted in misdemeanor charges. Let’s say it again – it’s a potential misdemeanor that seems to have eaten the brains of too many so-called journalists and media programmers.

Surely there are scores of more substantive issues that need airing thoroughly in today’s shallow news-media fare. Let the alleged battery case sleep until a final judgment is rendered. Cover it then, when there is an outcome that can be reported in a single news cycle.

Meantime, how about moving on to more serious issues on both sides of the aisle in the campaigns to become the next occupant of the big chair in the White House.

POST SCRIPT: Reporter Michelle Fields lost her battery case against Corey Lewandowski on April 14 in Palm Beach County, Fla. After reviewing multiple videos and taking several statements from eyewitnesses, state prosecutor Dave Aronberg and his chief deputy, Adrienne Ellis, concluded that so much conflicting evidence would kill their chances of convicting Lewandowski.