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This nation endured the Irish “invasion,” and we as a melting pot of cultures eventually were better for it.

This nation endured the Italian “invasion,” and we as a melting pot of cultures eventually were better for it.

This nation endured the Polish “invasion,” and we as a melting pot of cultures eventually were better for it.

This nation endured the Vietnamese “invasion,” and we as a melting pot of cultures eventually were better for it.

Now, we’re enduring the Muslim resettlement “invasion,” and the jury is still out on whether we — as the land of the free and the home of the brave — are going to wind up better for it.

In the attached video that first circulated last April and continues to circulate online, Ann Corcoran presents an informed and alarming glimpse into the potential Muslim-populated future of the USA. Corcoran, founder of Refugee Resettlement Watch, warns about fallout from the current influx of Muslim refugees coming here from nations such as Iran, Syria, Somalia and other hotbeds of hate aimed at the United States.

I have blogged in the past about how Muslim immigrants, over time, will change the USA more than Barack Obama ever could have dreamed. That change will occur through assimilation and human breeding. When the Muslim dam breaks and floods the nation, most U.S. citizens born in the early 2000s won’t know what hit them. Many will be scratching their thinning hair and wondering aloud: “How did this happen?”

Our collective hope should be that the majority of the current refugees will — over the next generation or two, by hook or by crook — adapt and embrace the good and beneficial parts of our way of life. We should work to help them become passionate and compassionate champions of liberty and true believers in the philosophy behind the U.S. Constitution.

Our prayer should be that the majority of current refugees will pursue peace-loving, selfless and productive lifestyles.

But our fear points to a collective belief that none of this will evolve. Our crystal ball projects more Dearborn, Michigans developing, prospering and spreading like cancer as the latest ingredients in our melting pot rise to the top of the pot, enforcing their sharia law all the way. Which is not the USA way — the traditional path of U.S. immigrants is assimilation into, not exclusion from the fabric of the republic.

And if you think it is difficult to be a Christian or a Jew in the USA today, just stick around another 40 years. I don’t see it getting any easier.

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