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Three important measures are coming up this week in the U.S. House. Too many among us are content to sit back and let George do it — or Bennie or Martha or Hank or whoever represents us.

But now is the time to contact your congressional representative and urge him or her to vote — up or down — on these three key initiatives. With all the devices we have at hand to keep in touch with Capitol Hill, it’s easy these days to voice your druthers.

First comes a resolution to stab the so-called Iran-nuclear deal in the heart. To help your congressman or congresswoman make the correct decision, send him or her a virtual knife. If you do, trust me — Colin Powell, John Kerry and Debbie Wasserman Schultz will NOT come knocking on your door.

Next comes a proposal to stop federal funds from being allocated to Planned Parenthood — the national organization that engages in the horrendous destruction of aborted human fetuses and the sale of leftover body parts. This bill deserves a two-thumbs-up vote.

Finally, another House bill to continue funding federal government operations is due for a vote before October 1. Much horse-trading and shadow spending surrounds this bill as it takes shape. Follow the political massaging of the bill’s contents as well as the rider add-ons leading up to the final version of the bill as best you can. Then follow your conscience in suggesting how your representative in the U.S. House ought to vote.

But know this: The federal government will shut down on October 1 if a funding bill is not passed and signed into law — even if it’s a short-term emergency-funding bill. While it might sound attractive to shut down the federal government for a time, it would be a travesty if that happens.