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In the wake of:

(1) the all-exclusive and lame-brained “Black Lives Matter” banners and placards. (ALL lives matter, especially those of the unborn.) …

(2) the senseless slayings of law-enforcement officers perpetrated by lunatics who never should have been de-institutionalized as a matter of “political correctness.” …

(3) and an apparent lack of remorse and concern by President Barack Obama and his minions over the slain police officers and their families of late. (The nation’s chief executive would rather be cooling it by glacier-hopping to push the helium-filled non-issue of so-called global warming.) …

A cogent statement uttered by one of my friends yesterday resonated with me like no other.

My friend said: “If he (Obama) had a son, he would look just like the attackers.”

Too bad Obama couldn’t have stayed with that glacier he visited for about the next 15 months. It would have iced some of the idiocy and hypocrisy emanating from the wrong side of the political tracks in Washington.