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OK … let me try to understand this.

Hillary and her minions keep trumpeting that she did “nothing illegal” in withholding some of her e-mails from when she was secretary of state, and there was “nothing illegal” about using her private computer server to conduct public business, including material that was of a classified nature.

The Hillary camp is talking about the letter of the law. Now that Hillary — after months of stonewalling — has turned over her private e-mail server to federal authorities, it’s up to the FBI to sort it all out as to whether there were legal violations involved in Mrs. Clinton’s e-mail conduct. One question lingers: During all that stonewalling, who had access to the server to delete any and all “smoking gun” e-mails that potentially could be called into question?

Most everybody seems to be overlooking that Hillary so far has not acknowledged violating the spirit of the law, or the ethical implications related to national security and private trustworthiness.

Shifting gears a little here: Apparently no laws exist prohibiting drones from being flown near airports or in commercial-altitude glide paths. But what if a drone collision brings down a passenger jet and people get killed?

Would the drone owners and the boots-on-the-ground pilot scream “we didn’t do anything illegal”? Would prosecutors not be able to take the drone owner to court because no laws are on the books covering manslaughter by drone?

Are we really back to deliberating over what the definition of “is” is?

One final thought: Because of Hillary Clinton’s public life, we should hold her — as well as her adversaries in the 2016 campaign — to a higher standard. After all, no drone owners/pilots we know of are running to be president of the United States.

UPDATE: And now, the icing on the cake: We have learned that the server confiscated by the FBI from the basement of Mrs. Clinton’s Chappaqua home was wiped clean. All the data on it was transferred to a Denver company that handles hard-drive content. The place probably has a virtual crematorium.