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Once again, we mourn the loss of innocent life at a movie theater because a guy named John Russell Houser finally lost all his marbles.

Last Thursday night, Houser walked into a movie house in Lafayette, La., and opened fire, killing two people and wounding nine others before Houser took his own life.

Don’t blame this tragic incident – and too many others like it recently — on lax gun laws.

Nor on lack of security at the theater.

Nor on violent movies being shown on the big screen.

Nor on a dearth of classes being taught to promote gun safety.

Nor on community “gun shows,” where some dealers sell weapons for cash under the table without benefit of a background check.

Blame it on government so hellbent on feather-nesting, ignoring wasteful spending, and keeping the big-donor special interests happy that our “representatives” have grossly misplaced their priorities.

Houser was a walking, talking loony bin. He should not have been out on the streets – the details of his sordid past spell out why. The mass closing of our state institutions for the mentally deficient because they were draining the state tax coffers of too much revenue was a mistake.

If we keep electing people with no vision and an under-developed sense of right and wrong, we have ourselves to blame if we’re the next victims of a senseless theater shooting, or if one of our sons or daughters is wasted at a military recruiting facility.

We need more inpatient care, and the financial resources to underwrite it, for those who are mentally challenged and who show any of the signs that they are prone to violence.