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SIZE MATTERS — Within a few years, it will be easier than ever to get lost in the crowd in China’s capital and largest city — Beijing.

The government of China has embarked on an “ambitious plan” to create a super-city of 130 million people spread out around Beijing, according to the New York Times.

The so-called “megalopolis” would cover an area of about 82,000 square miles — or, nearly the geographic size of Kansas — with a population bigger than one-third of the United States.

The idea is to develop an urban complex that relieves commuter glut, traffic congestion, economic stagnation, environmental pollution, business saturation and bureaucracy centralization.

Questions loom: How do you police a neighborhood that big? What’s wrong with the wide open spaces? And what will it be like to reside in the largest beehive in the world?

BIGGER MIGHT NOT BE BETTER — Muslims comprise the fastest-growing sub-culture in the United States these days, according to the ultra-conservative website WND.

Using U.S. Census Bureau statistics, WND states that an estimated 100,000 Muslim immigrants — many of them Somalians — arrive in the U.S. legally each year. When you think about it, that number — if it can be trusted — is staggering.

There’s no quarrel with peaceful Muslims who practice a tradition of unselfish faith, sacrifice and prayer to their Allah, all the while trying to blend in with the rest of our diverse nation.

Of greater concern are the radical jihadists who come along within the Muslim immigration, then move about our nation freely to inflict whatever murder and mayhem they can perpetrate. Also of grave concern are the mullahs pushing Sharia law over the laws of our freedom-loving republic, sowing the seeds of radicalization that kills.

In fact, if you read between the lines, FBI director James Comey last week all but called for a national Neighborhood Watch program to unmask disguised Muslin jihadists in the wake of the Chattanooga attacks by terrorist Youssef Mohammad Abdulazeez, claiming the lives of five Americans in uniform.

In an appearance before a congressional committee, Comey also warned that U.S. immigration policy is no more effective than a slice of Swiss cheese when it comes to screening out radical malcontents from hostile nations.

But Comey’s scariest statement came when he quoted the message being issued to Western recruits from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS): “Come to the so-called caliphate. And if you can’t, kill somebody — kill somebody where you are.”

Hopefully, all of those 100,000 Muslims landing on U.S. soil every year aren’t listening to ISIS. But then, that’s wishful thinking.

‘OLD’ SOUTH RISES ANEW (SIGH) — So you thought the spooky Ku Klux Klan and the radical Black Panthers were history?

Think again.

About 300 Klansmen and 400 members of the “new” Black Panther Party are involved in a way-too-emotional face-off in Columbia, S.C., over the ridiculous Confederate flag issue.

Last week, Gov. Nikki Haley and the South Carolina Legislature hauled down the Civil War-era Stars and Bars that once flew over the Capitol in the wake of a rampage carried out by a racist and delusional lone gunman, who killed nine people.

The white supremacists of the Klan want the banner-bashing to stop there. The KKK fails to realize that turning out in force to stop the future is a waste of effort.

The Panthers are demanding more than symbolic gestures to promote racial equality, calling the flag removal an “illusion of progress.” The Panthers could start the ball rolling if they would cease and desist turning out in large groups making threats and blanket demands in public.

Call the confrontation a no-brainer — that is, it’s all brawn and no brains involved on the streets of Columbia. It’s more like the intellectually blind leading the unforgivably ignorant.