Al Jazeera could not have picked a better time than the Fourth of July weekend to mock the United States and its freedoms that, unfortunately, have spawned a shady side of our citizenry over the years.

The state-run broadcasting company based in Qatar, a small and very rich Islamic monarchy on the Persian Gulf, reportedly posted a video over the weekend on its digital-media platform known as AJ+. In the video, citizens of the USA are portrayed as fat, cheese-eating, gun-toting, pill-popping, racist, pornography bingers with the highest prison population in the world.

OK, so we’re not perfect. But we have the freedom to not be perfect. And most of us still try to live upstanding lives. We don’t shackle our citizens with the ball and chain of Sharia law. We don’t treat our women as second-class citizens. We don’t allow cruel and unusual stoning to be a choice under capital-punishment regulations. We don’t throw media reporters and editorial writers under the bus for criticizing high government officials. Qatar can’t say any of that.

If the USA is such a cauldron of wickedness and moral decay, why do so many people beyond our borders continue to try to get here to establish permanent residency?

The AJ+ video is just another failed attempt of the pot calling the kettle black, in the hope of stirring up trouble in the besieged Arab world to bring down a nation that has given so much to boost the welfare of the planet’s population. Sticks and stones, AJ+. (Or is it “AJ minus”?)