There’s this time-tested opinion piece re-circulating in the Ethernet. The blog was dropped just today into my “in” e-mail box. Written by Alan Caruba for his “Warning Signs” blog in January 2010, the essay hammers President Barack Obama a mere two years after Obama was first elected. It’s amazing that the Caruba piece still has legs – more than five years after Caruba first posted it online.

Unfortunately, the current e-mail making the rounds contains inaccurate attribution by the circulator – “unfortunate” because inaccuracy within a single element of any writing automatically calls into question the accuracy of the rest of the content. Nevertheless, the inaccurate attribution should not reflect upon the value of the essay itself.

The Caruba opinion was never published in the print or the online editions of the Wall Street Journal. But it was “published” on the Internet. That it continues to be circulated tells me that many people out there in the homeland believe Mr. Obama has all but chalked up a failed presidency.

At the outset, the circulating e-mail contains a disclaimer stating that what Caruba wrote is not a “hate Obama” piece. If it isn’t, the essay justifiably comes pretty close.

Caruba is a self-proclaimed “professional writer,” freelance columnist and longtime book reviewer based in South Orange, New Jersey. In his January 2010 “Warning Signs” essay, Caruba makes his case — point by point — why President Obama has led a make-believe life. You can read the entire post at:


Be sure to read some of the comments at the end of the Caruba blog.

Upon reflection, all the loathsome aspects of the Obama presidency that Alan Caruba pointed out five years ago appear to be just as valid today. Taken together with events response, executive actions and non-transparency since then, they’re a sad commentary on the man himself and will weigh heavily on whatever Barack Obama believes his “legacy” is to be (which will be one rung below that of Jimmy Carter and Herbert Hoover).

Worse than that: It’s a sad commentary on the U.S. voting public who sent this man to the White House in our zeal to have a “black” president in our lifetimes. If the Obama presidency does nothing else, it finally puts to rest the wanton accusation that a “color barrier” exists in the Oval Office.

Now, if we could just find the right woman (and I am NOT suggesting the baggage-laden Hillary Rodham Clinton, who visibly carries water on both shoulders) to allay the perception of a “gender bias” in the Oval Office and get it behind us, perhaps we could get back on the road to making the United States of America once again a truly exceptional nation.