Nearly seven years ago, the Israeli army developed and perfected skunk spray — an honest-to-goodness fluid with a very practical application.

Israeli troops fired the skunk spray from a water canon at a crowd of violent protesters, according to the website “dailymotion.” The spray reportedly soaked the protesters, immersing them in their own gut-wrenching, putrid, overpowering odor. They quickly disbanded and went away.

Closer to home, Army National Guard troops and U.S. law enforcement officers have rubber bullets and Tasers at their disposal. Why not add less-lethal skunk spray to their arsenal? It’s non-toxic and harmless — officials claim you can even drink the fluid, and it will cause you no bodily harm. (However, reporters who barely inhaled the skunk-spray fumes said they immediately wanted to vomit.)

Just think: The spray might have worked wonders in Ferguson, Mo., and more recently in Baltimore.