The Obama administration and the federal Environmental Protection Agency last week officially issued a new regulation known as the “Waters of the U.S.” rule.

The new rule allows the federal government to regulate bodies of water throughout the nation — even those as small as a drainage ditch.

U.S. Rep. Bradley Byrne, R-Ala., takes issue with the new rule because he says it will have an especially harmful impact on farmers and foresters. His statement counters a fact sheet that states: “The Clean Water Rule provides greater clarity and certainty to farmers and does not add an economic burden on agriculture.”

Right! And Obamacare was going to cost-justify itself, too.

Rep. Byrne believes farmers and foresters will face new compliance requirements and unanticipated costs. Folks like me could not agree more.

As Rep. Byrne points out, water-quality regulation for decades primarily has been the responsibility of state governments. What has changed recently to justify the new rule? The answer: Nothing. But President Obama, true to his turf-grabbing ways, has issued this rule that would significantly shift that responsibility to the deficit-laden federal government.

This rule must be undone — if for no other reason than its redundancy.

“The U.S. House has passed a bill that would do away with this flawed rule, and I hope the U.S. Senate will soon act on our bill,” Byrne said. “This power grab by the federal government must be stopped.”

If you agree, please contact the senators and House members who represent you in Washington and tell them you, too, oppose the rule.