Jordan has executed two al-Qaida inmates on death row, as promised, after a horrific video was posted online, purportedly showing Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) thugs executing a captured Jordanian pilot by burning him alive. At the same time, public outrage exploded in the streets of Amman, Jordan, over pilot Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh’s brutal execution, which might have taken place as much as three weeks ago.

Air force jets from Nigeria and Chad have launched a major bombing assault on violent Boko Haram extremists — the school-girl kidnappers — who have persecuted untold numbers of innocent citizens in those two nations.

In Saudi Arabia, Iyad Madani condemned the killing of al-Kaseasbeh. Madani heads the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which represents the world’s largest group of Muslim nations.

Egyptian grand shiek Ahmad al-Tayeb has labeled the ISIS terrorists “enemies of God and the prophet Muhammad,” calling for them to be punished by death, crucifixion or chopping off their arms.

So, what do you call all this?

A good Old Testament start.