Leaders in Jordan have told Islamic State terrorists that if a captured Jordanian military pilot is killed, Jordan will execute every ISIS-linked prisoner locked up on its death row.

ISIS has been threatening to execute Jordanian air force pilot Lt. Moaz al-Kasabeh, 26, unless Jordan releases suicide bomber Sajida al-Rishawai, 44. She played a key role in several 2005 attacks on hotels in Amman — Jordan’s capital — that claimed the lives of 60 people.

Al-Kasabeh’s plane went down in December during a bombing run against ISIS in Syria.

So, instead of whimpering and wringing their hands in the face of ISIS ransom demands, Jordan’s leaders are fighting fire with fire. They’re showing the rest of the world how to deal in an Old Testament way with this despicable ISIS scourge. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is the only language these bearded bozos understand.

Meanwhile, terrorist leaders continue to show the world that they believe ignorance is bliss.

Earlier in January, ISIS thugs broke the locks on the Central Library of Mosul, a key northern city in Iraq dominated by ISIS. They carted off an estimated 2,000 books in six pickups. The books taken reflected children stories, poetry, philosophy, health, culture, science and sports. Islamic texts comprised the only material left behind.

“These books promote infidelity and call for disobeying Allah. So they will be burned,” a bearded militant told local residents as the books were being stuffed into empty flour bags, according to The Associated Press.

The Mosul library’s looting followed similar attacks earlier on the University of Mosul’s library and public repositories elsewhere.

In essence, ISIS leaders are saying, “Stay stupid. It’s my way, or the highway to the graveyard.”

Their rhetoric makes it patently obvious that the totalitarian Islamic State will neither adopt nor enforce any law akin to the USA’s First Amendment to the Constitution. That alone — beyond the murderous practices of ISIS and holding prisoners for ransom — is enough to keep these thugs in the crosshairs of battlefield justice.